Animated Video Production

Animated videos, motion graphics videos, whiteboard videos and explainer videos offer something quite unique. In essence, they are a fantastic way to communicate clarity. Why? Well they are 100% controllable. Whereas a standard corporate video has so many factors, an explainer video has less factors.

Explainer Videos Let You 100% Control The Message

Control of message is one of the main reasons people choose to make an animated video, especially so if that message is complicated. Driven by voiceover or on-screen text, the scripting process let’s clients control the messaging completely. 

Design for Animated Video Production

Design is a vital tool for any animated video. What is the design inspiration for the video and how can that help connect with the target audience? Sparisty of design is also a much-sought after approach for clients who want to inform an audience clearly. Some clients have really important messages to communicate so making sure the design doesn’t clutter or confuse is vital. Some clients want to communicate the tone of the brand, service or product they provide, so applying a fun design becomes more important in these cases.

What we need to create an animated video?

To create an animated video, we need a script. Often clients deliver a powerpoint slideshow indicating the images and text they’d like to use. Beyond that, we need all branded content. Examples of other animated videos you like is a great way of giving us a sense of the final product. The cost of an animated video depends on the duration, the method (2d or 3d) and the chosen design approach. We can tailor to all budget levels. We work with the UK’s leading animation professionals, motion designers and art directors so get in touch now with London’s leading video production service.

Case Study: Asthma Society