Video has become the only show in town when it comes to realising the full marketing potential of your product, service or brand. Video can be consumed in so many different ways including via social media, websites, TV, at events or even on your own premises. Whether you are marketing a high end hotel, a mass consumption food product or a corporate service, promotion is the key to making your business work. 

We find the most important aspect of video marketing is packaging and VideoWorks aims to create stylish content that fits in with your existing image and brand. Whilst we normally gather new content for promotional videos we can also work with existing content that you may have source, always making the content sing and wrapping it in a visually arresting format. Our video experience covers all industries from pharmaceutical to agriculture, tech to hospitality and retail to construction

Marketing videos are often one component of a comprehensive marketing plan or strategy and VideoWorks regularly work alongside other service providers to ensure cohesion with the overall plan. This includes working with graphic designers, PR companies, event management companies and many others..

At VideoWorks we offer a thoroughly professional service that makes your life easier and brings your product or service to the fore. Ultimately this is the most important thing during the content creation process and your brand is always our number one priority. We pride ourselves on producing content that we can stand over and we will never deliver the final cut until you are 100% satisfied.

No matter if you are a small family run business or a large marketing agency, if you need video to promote your product or service, then VideoWorks is the next call you should make. We look forward to hearing from you and we are excited to help you reach the next level.

Case Study: Lucozade