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Whether a conference, a product activation or a event, capturing it on film is a crucial way of recording the event and promoting it to a wider audience. We offer professional event filming services in London and can capture your live event using

Video production for your business or organisation has become a must have for any business with an online presence. Whilst the internet is often the main outlet for video content, in particular impactful corporate videos with strong messages are also hugely valuable for both internal and external messaging ….

Animated and explainer videos are a great way delivering hard to understand messages to a wide audience. They can be clear, on-message, adaptable and very digestible. Here at VideoWorks we work with a team of  …..

Educational video production is vital way of helping schools, colleges and third-level institutions instruct and inform. For many of our clients we deliver traditional video formats as well as E-Learning content. Do you have an idea for a new video ….

Get noticed, boost your sales, use video! Video marketing is increasingly important for all sorts of businesses. Whether in finance, retail, engineeringpromoting your business, product or service is …..

For the non-profit sector, films are extremely important. They can help get a vital message out and help begin a process of changepersonal level and a wider societal level. We have worked with numerous committed and devoted organisations to help them achieve that …. 

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VideoWorks is an award winning London video production company. From script to screen, we are here to help you with brand videos, TVCs (TV commercials), corporate video production, case study videos, event videos, animation, website video production, video editing, online/digital video production and more. We can also help you with creating online video content for social media and content marketing campaigns.

All done on time and within your budget. We are a one stop shop video production house in London and help clients in all industries including Technology and Financial Services. Or if all you need is a videographer, video editing or animated video production we’ve got you covered.

VideoWorks is a professional video production agency that can help you promote a business or organisation both online and on more traditional media channels. 

A centrally located production company with over 15 years of experience, we can bring a project from conception to deliver by employing an efficient and cost-effective strategy. We provide video content, animated explainers and event videography amongst many other things. Above all, we are passionate about film and whatever your message, we believe that video is the best way to tell your story using our skill, knowledge and the power of telling a good story.

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Whether it’s an online, promotional, marketing, instructional video or the film recording of an event,